Wednesday, April 3, 2024

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Think of us as your digital wingman, guiding you through the maze of manhood with a smirk. Because life's too short for boring articles. Stay manly, stay informed.

Meet our sometimes dedicated


Jake Harrington


Jake has spent a decade in the world of online journalism, focusing on men's lifestyle and fitness. With a degree in Communications, he has built a solid foundation in storytelling and digital media.

Ryan Baxter

Writer/Art Director

Ryan is a seasoned freelance writer who has covered everything from travel and adventure sports to men's grooming. An avid traveler and sports enthusiast, his experiences add depth and authenticity to his writing.

Eliot Reed


With a background in psychology and a passion for understanding human behavior, Eliot has written extensively about relationships and sexual health. His articles are informed by his academic knowledge and enriched by his real-world observations.

Marcus Young


Coming from a health and wellness coaching background, Marcus has a wealth of knowledge about nutrition and supplements. He has dedicated his career to helping others achieve their health goals through practical advice.