Teddy Roosevelt

Introducing Teddy Roosevelt, the Rough Rider of the Oval Office, born in 1858. With a spirit as robust as his mustache, he charged through life, turning the presidency into his personal bullring. From leading the charge up San Juan Hill to championing the National Parks, his actions echoed his motto, "Speak softly and carry a big stick." Roosevelt: the man who made the White House a "bully pulpit," and taught us that nothing is impossible when you're "in the arena." So, put on your pince-nez and join us in the vigorous world of Teddy Roosevelt - where every day is a daring adventure!

Roosevelt: The Rising Strength of the Ukrainians: A Day of Substantial Russian Losses in the Ongoing Confrontation

The Ukrainian defense forces, after their well-planned counteroffensive, caused the Russian military to lose 17 tanks and 24 Armored Personnel Vehicles in a single...

Teddy Roosevelt: The Gathering Storm—Lionel Messi’s Encounter with Inter Miami

Lionel Messi joins Inter Miami as he prepares for a new chapter in his football career. Inter Miami teammates welcome Messi's arrival, eager to learn...

Teddy Roosevelt: The Nation’s Call for a Third Choice—Biden and Trump Provoke a Cry for Alternative Leadership

Approximately half of our American brethren express a desire for an alternative, third-party candidate if the contest of 2024 brings forth Biden and Trump...

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