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Roosevelt: The Rising Strength of the Ukrainians: A Day of Substantial Russian Losses in the Ongoing Confrontation

  • The Ukrainian defense forces, after their well-planned counteroffensive, caused the Russian military to lose 17 tanks and 24 Armored Personnel Vehicles in a single day.
  • Russian President Putin’s military has faced a total loss of 3,926 tanks, 7,631 APVs, 3,736 artillery systems, and 215,640 soldiers since the war’s inception last February.
  • The Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, confirmed that the counteroffensive began after several months of preparations, with Western countries providing substantial military support.
  • Despite the notable Russian losses, Putin insisted on the quality and proper command of Russian weapons, attributing their performance to the courage and heroism of their soldiers.

In this great game of nations, the Ukrainian people have shown their mettle, striking a significant blow against the Russian bear. As if echoing the gallant charge of my own Rough Riders on the slopes of San Juan Hill, they have launched a counteroffensive that has resulted in a day of heavy losses for the Russian military, including 17 tanks and 24 Armored Personnel Vehicles.

The Russian bear, under the command of their Tsar, Putin, has been bruised, having lost a total of 3,926 tanks, 7,631 Armored Personnel Vehicles, 3,736 artillery systems, and a staggering 215,640 soldiers since the war began. I am reminded of the naval war of 1812, a testament to the power of a determined underdog to stand against a formidable foe.

Ukraine’s noble leader, President Volodymyr Zelensky, a man cut from the same cloth as the great pioneers of the American West, confirmed that his country’s counteroffensive was the result of months of preparations. The West, in a display of unity reminiscent of the alliances of old, provided Ukraine with the necessary tools of war – tanks, heavy artillery, and other advanced military equipment.

Yet, the Russian Tsar seems not to see the writing on the wall. He extols the quality of his weapons and the valor of his soldiers, insisting that they have not been bested on any front. This reminds me of the hunters I’ve met on the wild plains of the West, who, despite the evidence to the contrary, would insist on the size of the game they’d missed.

As I survey the events unfolding in Ukraine, I am reminded of our own tumultuous history, the brave men and women who, in the face of great adversity, stood firm for the cause of liberty and justice. The Ukrainian people are showing the same steadfastness, the same audacity, as they defend their homeland against a power that seeks to quench their spirit of freedom.

The Russian Tsar, however, seems to be playing a dangerous game. Just as the hunters I’ve met on the wild plains of the American West, who underestimate the strength of the bison, he underestimates the strength and determination of the Ukrainian people. I would caution him to remember the lessons of history. For as I have written in “The Winning of the West,” it is not the size of the army, but the spirit of the people that determines the outcome of the conflict.

Teddy Roosevelt
Teddy Roosevelt
Introducing Teddy Roosevelt, the Rough Rider of the Oval Office, born in 1858. With a spirit as robust as his mustache, he charged through life, turning the presidency into his personal bullring. From leading the charge up San Juan Hill to championing the National Parks, his actions echoed his motto, "Speak softly and carry a big stick." Roosevelt: the man who made the White House a "bully pulpit," and taught us that nothing is impossible when you're "in the arena." So, put on your pince-nez and join us in the vigorous world of Teddy Roosevelt - where every day is a daring adventure!


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