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John Wayne: A Rough and Tumble Encounter with a Brigade of Bees—Elderly Dame Gets the Raw End of the Deal

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  • Linda, an aged lady, found herself in a hell of a tangle with two to three colonies of bees just outside her California homestead.
  • Cell phone footage captured Linda’s scramble with the angry buzzers, tryin’ to ward ’em off with a yellow bag.
  • Chuck, a nearby witness, watched as the lady tried to make it to her car before collapsin’ to the ground. He described the bees as ‘relentless.’
  • Despite the courageous efforts of another neighbor and the Murrieta Fire and Rescue, the bees didn’t let up, even sendin’ one of the firemen to the hospital.
  • According to a bee removal expert, these bees likely hailed from multiple colonies nestled in the walls of Linda’s home, an ongoing issue in the area.

Now, listen here, partner. There’s this old gal named Linda who lives out in Murietta, that’s in Riverside County, California. One afternoon she found herself face to face with a flurry of bees, meaner than a rattlesnake at a picnic. It was like she wandered into the wrong saloon at high noon.

There was this fellow Chuck, who happened to be nearby, watchin’ the whole dang ordeal. Poor Linda was trying to swat the buzzers away with a yellow bag – ’bout as effective as a peashooter against a six-shooter, if you ask me. Bees were coverin’ her, from the waist up.

“She staggered to her car,” Chuck said, “and then she fell to the ground.” Even had some other folks gettin’ stung too. Another neighbor tried to help, but ended up on the run when the bees turned their attention her way.

The cavalry arrived in the form of Murrieta Fire and Rescue, but even they had a hard time with the pesky stingers. They tried to fight ’em off, but one of them ended up in the infirmary.

Turns out, Linda’s been harboring these rascals in the walls of her house, and this wasn’t the first time they’d caused trouble. Some bee wrangler estimated there could’ve been 100,000 of the critters, stemming from multiple colonies.

I ain’t no apiarist, but sounds like a regular Battle of the Alamo out there with Linda and them bees. There’s a lesson here, partner, you don’t ignore a problem hopin’ it’ll go away – ‘specially not one that’s buzzin’ and stingin’. If you ask me, it’s high time folks get wise to the fact that living alongside a hive ain’t no walk in the park.

Sure as sunrise, ain’t no one deserves to face down a swarm alone. Makes me remember the time I tussled with a grizzly out in the wilderness, all I had was my trusty six-shooter, my wits, and a whole lot of grit. Linda showed her own brand of true grit, but sometimes, even the toughest of us need a helping hand – or a professional exterminator.

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