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John Wayne: Snow WOKE! What a load of horse manure!

  • Rachel Zegler, the star of the new Snow White remake, criticizes the Disney original, calling it outdated and weird.
  • She claims that the film is not about the love story and suggests cutting the prince’s scenes.
  • Zegler believes Snow White should dream of becoming a leader, not true love, because it’s not 1937 anymore.
  • The actress admits to being scared of the original version and implies that many women feel the same way.

Well, let me tell ya folks, there’s been a lot of talk lately about this new Snow White movie and the star of the show, Rachel Zegler. Now, I gotta say, this gal seems to have lost her marbles. She’s been goin’ around, flappin’ her gums, saying all sorts of things about the original Disney film. Can you believe it? She’s callin’ the prince a ‘stalker’ and claimin’ that the movie ain’t even a love story. Now, that’s just plain ridiculous.

According to Zegler, it’s no longer 1937, and Snow White ain’t dreamin’ about true love no more. She wants to be a leader, she says. Well, let me tell ya, Snow White was always a dreamer, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t into true love. And there ain’t nothin’ wrong with wantin’ to fall for a handsome prince and live happily-ever-after. It ain’t anti-feminist, it’s just a good old-fashioned fairy tale.

Now, this new version of Snow White, they’re callin’ it Snow Woke. Can you believe that? They canceled the prince, replaced the dwarves with so-called ‘magical creatures’, and made sure they got a diverse bunch of folks playin’ those characters. Now, I ain’t got nothin’ against diversity, but why mess with a good thing? The original Snow White was a masterpiece, plain and simple. It had heart, it had magic, and it had a love story that captivated audiences for generations. Why fix somethin’ that ain’t broke?

Modern-day Snow White rubs The Duke the wrong way.
Modern-day Snow White rubs The Duke the wrong way. (Photo by Midjourney)

So, here’s my take on all this hoopla. Rachel Zegler may be a young gal, and maybe she’s feelin’ the pressure of the spotlight. But that don’t excuse her from tearin’ down the reputation and legacy of a beloved film. Snow White was a classic, and it deserved better than this woke nonsense. Sometimes, ya just gotta let a fairy tale be a fairy tale.

Now, if y’all will excuse me, I’m gonna go watch the original Snow White and remind myself of the magic that movies used to have. Those were the days, I tell ya.

Well pilgrims, that’s my two cents on this whole Snow White debacle. I believe in honorin’ the classics and respectin’ the art of storytelling. It’s a shame that we’re losin’ sight of what made movies great in the first place. So, let’s raise a glass to the good ol’ days of Hollywood and hope that someday, we’ll get back to tellin’ stories that truly matter.

John Wayne
John Wayne
Meet John Wayne, the Duke of Hollywood, born in 1907. With a swagger as iconic as his cowboy hat, he rode across the silver screen, turning the Wild West into a cinematic legend. From the rugged Rooster Cogburn to the heroic Ethan Edwards, his characters embodied courage, grit, and a dash of charm. Wayne: the man who taught us that "a man's got to do what a man's got to do," and made us all want to ride off into the sunset. So, saddle up and join us in the larger-than-life world of John Wayne - where every scene is an adventure!


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