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John Wayne: “Ain’t No More Fat Talk: Them Experts Suggestin’ ‘Obesity’ be Dubbed ‘Chronic Appetite Dysregulation'”

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  • Researchers reckon ‘obesity’ oughta be renamed to ‘chronic appetite dysregulation’, sayin’ it’ll help folks understand it’s more of an inherited sickness, not just about being heavyset.
  • They argue that the term ‘obesity’ has got folks all mixed up, with many believing it’s just about being too fat.
  • These science folk have discovered a heap of genes that might cause obesity, making a strong case for it to be seen as a genuine disease.
  • By changing how we talk about obesity, they think it’ll help those who need it most to get their hands on treatments like appetite-suppressing jabs.

Well, listen here, partner. You’ve heard the term ‘obesity,’ right? There’s a bunch of smart folks out there who reckon we should be calling it ‘chronic appetite dysregulation.’ Seems they think it’s more about inheriting a disease rather than folks just eatin’ more than their share. They’ve been hunting through genes and found a whole posse of them that might make a person more likely to become obese.

Reminds me of a cattle branding – they’re trying to label this thing in a way that’ll help the folks who need it most get their hands on treatments. Ain’t no good cowboy ever left a calf unbranded, and these researchers ain’t about to let this disease go unrecognized.

This gal, Dr. Margaret Steele, she’s been knee-deep in thinking about how we define obesity. She’s singing a different tune, not just about size but what’s churning in the body’s engine room. She says it ain’t just about willpower or decision-making, but something much deeper, like trying to lasso a wild mustang that’s got its own mind about where to run.

Working with the University of Galway, they’re saying just being heavy ain’t enough to call it a disease. It’s those folks who can’t rein in their appetite that need help. They reckon a new name might encourage them to seek it, like a lost rider seeing the lights of a welcoming ranch in the distance.

But, just like you can’t judge a horse by its halter, not everyone who’s a bit heavier has this disease. Heck, you could be as skinny as a rail and still have it. This has sparked a hullabaloo on whether we should be callin’ obesity a disease. There’s a group of folks who argue that this approach could be about as helpful as a rattlesnake in a sleeping bag, turning behaviours or choices into diseases.

In the midst of all this, there’s a new remedy on the horizon. A drug by the name of Tirzepatide. Now, this ain’t no snake oil, it’s been tested on folks who were overweight and showed some promising results, like a good rain after a long drought.

In the end, it’s a tangled issue, like a lasso knot that’s been left in the sun too long. But hopefully, this new way of looking at things will help those in need. As for the rest of us, let’s just keep on riding, doing the best we can, because in the words of Hemingway, “The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places.”

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