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Tolkien: Of the Whisperer from the Halls of the Pentagon and the Sky-Steeds of Unknown Origin

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  • A voice of revelation, erstwhile guardian of the realm’s knowledge, has implored the Watchmen of the Land to reveal the existence of sky-steeds not of this world, kept hidden from the Council of the Wise.
  • The voice, known as Grusch, erstwhile servant of the Geospatial Intelligence Agency, accuses the Watchmen of unlawfully concealing evidence of these otherworldly sky-steeds.
  • Grusch unveils that the sky-steeds are of an exotic origin, bearing the marks of non-human intelligence, a mystery as deep as the roots of the White Tree itself.
  • A fellow traveller of the path less trodden, Colonel Karl Nell, supports the words of Grusch, giving credence to the existence of an arms race, veiled in shadow, seeking to unravel the mysteries of these sky-steeds.
  • Observers in the service of the realm have sighted metallic orbs of strange behaviour and speed, not merely in the Land, but across the breadth of Middle Earth.

“In the tall towers of the Pentagon, whispers of strange happenings echo. The tale of Grusch, an erstwhile guardian of knowledge and teller of truths, is sung. He beseeches the Watchmen of the Land, to reveal what he believes to be evidence of sky-steeds not of this world, kept hidden away from the eyes of the Council of the Wise. He claims that the realm has retrieved intact, or partially intact, such vessels from the heavens, their origin not of this Earth.

The mystery of these sky-steeds, he says, is not of prosaic origin or identities. The tale grows strange indeed, as Grusch recounts the findings of the wise-ones who have studied these artifacts. He speaks of ‘exotic origin’, of ‘unique atomic arrangements’ and ‘radiological signatures’, words as puzzling as the riddles of Gollum.

The tale takes a turn as Grusch, once a member of the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, speaks of retaliation from those who wish to keep this knowledge hidden. Yet, he continues to voice his revelations, to prepare the folk of Middle Earth for a time when we may face contact from an ‘unexpected, non-human intelligence’.

Grusch’s words ring true to one who has journeyed with him on this path less trodden, Colonel Karl Nell. The Colonel, a stalwart figure, lends his voice in support of Grusch’s claims, speaking of a shadowy arms race focused on deciphering the secrets of these sky-steeds, a race that has been running for the better part of a century.

And yet, these are not mere tales spun by minstrels in the halls of the Prancing Pony. Observers across the breadth of Middle Earth have reported sightings of ‘metallic orbs’ – objects that move with an agility and speed that would put the swiftest of elven steeds to shame.

Despite the incredulous laughter of some, the tale continues to unfold. The Watchmen of the Land remain silent, referring questions to the Department of Defense. The Council of the Wise has yet to gather in hearing of these matters, and so the folk of Middle Earth wait, wondering if the truth, in fact, is out there.”

Task 3: J.R.R. Tolkien’s personal opinion of the subject of the article.

“As J.R.R. Tolkien, I am drawn to tales that sparkthe imagination and remind us of the vastness of the world we inhabit – and the universe beyond it. This tale, spun of whispers and revelations, is no different. It echoes the tales of Middle Earth, where the unknown often lay just beyond the borders of the Shire, waiting to be discovered.

In my works, I have often grappled with the notion of the ‘Other’ – the Elves, the Dwarves, the Ents, even the Hobbits themselves to the Big Folk. Each group, a unique intelligence in their own right, brought something to the table – their wisdom, their craft, their connection to the earth. The idea of a non-human intelligence, then, does not feel alien to me. It is, instead, a confirmation of the diversity that I have always believed exists in our world – and perhaps, beyond it.

One must approach such stories with a good measure of scepticism, of course, but also with an open mind. The tales of Middle Earth were born of an attempt to create a mythology for England, a set of shared stories and experiences that could explain our existence. Who is to say that this current tale, spun of sky-steeds and whispers, is not another piece of the puzzle?

The idea of a clandestine arms race, of course, reminds me of the power struggles I depicted in my works. The One Ring, a tool of immense power, was coveted by many, leading to wars and destruction. If these sky-steeds do exist, and hold technologies unknown to us, I hope we handle them with the wisdom and responsibility that was often lacking in the races of Middle Earth. Power, after all, does not decide who is right – only who is left.”

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