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Dr. Seuss: Once a Week, a Sip and a Peek, Brings 61 Ills, Oh How You’ll Feel!

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  • Oh, what a shock, alcohol unlocks, 61 diseases, not known to WHO’s list, as this study’s gist!
  • More than liver woes and strokes, to gout and cataracts, this news evokes!
  • From Oxford and Beijing, the study springs, with over half a million human beings!
  • One third of the men, and a few women in ten, drank each week, and then…
  • More drinks, more risk, it does seem, hospital visits aren’t just a dream!
  • Four drinks a day, bring a 14% sway, in disease risk, they say!

In a world where health is a quest, a tale comes forth, not like the rest. A study emerges, clear and loud, that weekly alcohol makes illness a cloud. From Oxford and Beijing, this tale takes wing, involving over half a million beings!

Some of the men, and a few of the women, took to the bottle, not just now and then. Once a week, they’d take a sip, little did they know, they were on a trip. To a land where illness reigns, from gout to cataracts, bringing pains. Liver woes, strokes, and more, alcohol opens an unexpected door.

For every four drinks, you see, a 14% increase in disease there be. And even a 6% rise, for conditions a surprise. The more they drank, the risk would mount, every sip, every ounce would count.

Hospital visits became a norm, as illness storms began to form. Alcohol, it seems, is not a friend, but a foe, causing harm that tends to grow. “More diseases than we knew,” said Dr. Pek Kei Im, giving us a clue.

Let’s hear from the Cat in the Hat, what he thinks about that:

“Well,” says the Cat with a tip of his hat, “this news is quite worrying, and that is a fact. I’ve always preferred a drink of cold water, for anything else could be a slaughter. Think of the fish, both red and blue, they swim in water, and so should you! The Lorax would agree, I believe, that health is the greatest gift to receive. So here’s a thought, before you pour, consider the risks, and maybe explore, a drink that’s pure, and free of harm, for your health, it will charm.”

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